De Teler

't Brook is a tomato growing plantation situated in the small village of Koningslust in the province of Limburg. Located on the border of the nature reserve “het Vlakbroek”. The greenhouse complex consists of 10 acres. The company is proud of three generations ownership, with more than 50 years experience in the growing of tomatoes. The company was founded by Thei Verhaegh, who still plays a small active part. A pioneer in the cultivation of tomatoes, has led the company to embark on producing the Autenta Coeur de Boeuf tomato. This variety (Arawak), reflects the vision of this organization, where taste and quality are paramount.  


A permanent team of staff, plus students and temporary workers, ensure producing consistently a flavourful product. For the control of diseases and pests, natural enemies and biological pesticides are used. The company is Global G.A.P. certified. Our products are sold exclusively by ZON fruit & vegetables.

The objective of the ‘t Brook BV, continuous dialogue with customers to create and achieve a package of high quality for now and in the future.